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Monday, May 11, 2015

Good-bye to More of our Best Missionaries!

From the Mississippi Jackson mission blog:

Good-bye to More of our Best Missionaries!

Each transfer goes faster and faster and again it's time for hard-working, exceptional, excellent missionaries to return to their wonderful families.
We have loved them and admired them for their patience and kindness,
cheerfulness, diligence and perseverance.
They have grown in testimony and experience.  They are ready for whatever the world has for them, strong in their whole armor of righteousness!
"Go forth!  Be Awesome!"

Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm Home!!

Lethbridge Airport
Mom and Dad, my biggest supporters

Grandpa and Grandma Hartley

Natalie Bevans and Ashley Msyvery

The crowd who met me at the Airport

Eric Hill and Matlin

Back in Canada
My shoes are well worn

First things first, A & W visit

Stake President Lybert

Mom had my scrape book all done and displayed

Looking at the missionary wall at home

My Bedroom door, Mission Accomplished

Time to brake it down and get to my bedroom

Made it.

Mom had some fun gifts for me to open when I got home including Lady Antabellum tickets


Alligator head all the way from Mississippi

I miss my mission but good to be home
Snowed two days after I got home. Back with the twin!!
Mom had the house decorated when I got home. My mission book all done.