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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meet the Mormons is SOOO GOOOOD!

Wow what a week. MLC with Elder Zwick (a humbling experience), Zone Conference with Elder Zwick, Meet the Mormons (if y'all haven't seen it I strongly suggest you do! SOOO GOOOOD!), and a whole lot of finding and teaching.

Sister Jones and I are working hard together. I sure am learning a lot from her. She's amazing, I'm so spoiled to be her companion. She's an angel of humility, faith, strength, knowledge, and testimony. We keep pretty busy between working with a branch and a ward and STL planning. We are pretty blessed.

I have to say the same thing as Travis, my emails have become shorter and shorter each week. Know that I am doing well. I'm going on my first exchange tonight, I'm nervous and excited. I pray I can be the missionary the Lord's need me to be. He definitely calls the weak, for that is very much how I feel, yet I know that as I put my trust in him all is well.

Love Sister Hartley


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Remember Lot's Wife" by Elder Holland.

I've been in Jackson about a week. It is very, very different than Texarkana. With all the changes that have taken place I have found myself a lot this past week living in the past, mainly Texarkana days. I saw my old Zone Leaders @ MLC and I about cried, when they reported about the Texarkana zone I yearned to claim it as my zone. I just miss the missionaries, the ward, Amy and Torie, and all those who mean so much to me there. Sister Bithell and I had a couple of talks that we would replay over and over again. One of them is called "Remember Lot's Wife" by Elder Holland. I've listened to it so many times I can about quote the entire thing. A quote from it hit me pretty hard when I was yearning for Texarkana days. Here it is:

"I plead with you not to dwell on days now gone, nor to yearn vainly for yesterdays, however good those yesterdays may have been. The past is to be learned from but not lived in."

It hit me pretty hard, I have some repenting to do. President gave me a blessing of counsel and guidance for being a Sister Training Leader and in the blessing he counseled me to gain my own testimony of where I'm serving and the call I have been given. I've pleaded with the Lord for this, to gain my own testimony of the Lord needing me in Jackson. I have had such beautiful experiences in Texarkana, and I know that they have prepared me to be in Jackson.

Sister Jones and I have a very busy area. We attend both the Madison Ward and the Jackson Branch. The Jackson Branch is a very special place. Sister Jones is very passionate about the Branch, and it is rubbing off on me as well. The roster is 15 pages, and about 30 members attend weekly. We are committed to the Jackson Branch.

MLC was last night and today. Elder Zwick of the seventy instructed us. My life is changed. I am so humbled to be a missionary. It was humbling being surrounded by amazing leaders. The MJM truly has my heart.

I have to go now, the library is closing. It has poured rain most of the afternoon. I love y'all.

Sister Hartley  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Guess who my new companion is?!? Sister Jones!

Guess who my new companion is?!? Sister Jones!

Service at the Ethridges

 taught my girl how to drive the little tractor
 Hi Family! Can I just say that Friday morning until right now has felt like an eternity! Right now I'm running on three and a half hours of sleep. So many amazing things have happened!  Friday morning (7:15 am) we got transfer calls from President McDonough. Come to find that Sister Hartley is getting transferred! It was super hard to break the news to Amy and Torie. Torie (Amy's daughter) was scheduled to get baptized Saturday. Well Saturday morning  Amy calls us and says that Torie wants to get baptized Monday night before I leave! We called Bishop and the ward mission leader and they both approved it! Yah!! It was amazing! It was pretty short notice, but the ward support was incredible! Everyone loves Amy and Torie! They are both amazing! Ahh I love them!! It was so hard to say goodbye. 

Oh you're probably wondering where I got transferred...cue Johnny Cash, "I'm going to Jackson." Yes I got transferred to Jackson, MS. I guess I've been too rowdy up in Texarkana, President needs to keep a closer eye on me. Our apartment is about 7 minutes away from the mission home! haha. Funny story, it has been the goal of some Texarkana ward members to fatten me up, when I told a member (who is the spitting image of Shelly Spencer) that I was leaving she said, "Oh are they going to feed you there? Do we need to send you with a note?" it was pretty funny! 

I am companions with Sister Jones! I am sooo excited to serve with her. She is amazing! I am going to learn so much from her. President asked me to serve as a Sister Training Leader. We go on exchanges with the sisters in the Jackson zone and we also get to pick up the new missionaries from the airport each transfer. I am excited for this new adventure, I know I need to rely on the Lord. On Monday(Canadian Thanksgiving!) we have MLC (Mission Leader Council) Elder Zwick of the seventy will be there. Sister Jones says this next week is crazy so I don't know when I'll be emailing. 

I am so grateful that I was able to serve for 4 transfers in Texarkana. It was so hard to leave. Texarkana has my heart. I am so grateful to be serving the Lord. I love doing His work. 
Storm through Texarkana

District potluck between conferences

Saying Goodbye, so hard!

Torie's Baptism!

Transfer Point, are girls are all grown up!

most of our district at Transfer Point

This is Sister Quilty from Sterling! She knows Beth, and grew up with Wyatt!