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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunny and 75

Well this week we have seen the sun so I'm feeling good! We had a lot of awesome things happen this week! We were able to to drive to some nearby communities to visit a returning member and referral! I was able to see green grass, cows, horses, fences, and beautiful Louisiana homes. I was in heaven and Sister Bender said, "Look at all the tender mercies the Lord is given you!"

Sister Davis has been in the MJM about 11 months and her visa has not come for Brazil. A few days ago she comes into the study room and says, "Sister Hartley, I know what we need to do to have my Visa come. I need a miracle and I need all y'alls help. Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles. This next week we and the Elders have to be exactly obedient. I have never felt so strong about anything in my life, we have to do this." Well what could I say to that, but "I'm here for ya Sister!" So on Saturday night we had the Elders give us blessings and yesterday we had a fast. We need miracles in this area, for Sister Davis, and are investigators, and finding. We have so many who are so close to baptism, but they each have things that are holding them back. We need miracles. I loved my blessing Elder Bradshaw gave me. It was the first one I have had since the MTC. We call our District leaders are dad so when it was my turn to have a blessing they asked who I wanted to give it. I looked at Elder Bradshaw and said, "I need my dad to give it." It was a beautiful blessing and I felt that the words he spoke were the words Dad would have said if he were here. It was beautiful. I love the Elders and the priesthood. Well after that we are all on each others tails and doing everything in our power to be exactly obedient. We went to the Pearcy's after. They are  blind. We try to see them once a week. They are an inspiration to us all and we love them with all our hearts. We prayed in the car that we would be able to serve them in some way. While we knock on the door and before we can say Hi, Sister Pearcy explains that she has bad allegrys and she needed us to go to WalGreens and get some medicine. Boom. Miracle #1. Love Miracles! Love Them!!
Well, that's all for this week. Life is good here in the MJM.
Sister Hartley
Scripture: The last two verses in Enos. Written Beauitfully!

Churches, Rednecks, and Camo = The South

Janice just came from square dance class

Valentine's Dinner
Hello Dear Family!
I loved all the pictures, thanks so much for sending them to me! Well a lot of crazy experiences have happened this past week. I cannot count the number of times I have been told that this is the coldest winter Louisiana has had in years. I literally haven't seen the sun for two weeks. It has been overcast and cold cold cold. I've worn thick tights, leggings overtop with socks and I finally decided to wear my hoodie under my coat because I never take my coat off! On Tuesday we heard that an ice storm was rolling in. It got really cold and then it started to rain and then it turned into snow/ice pelts. It was crazy. It was silent and all you could hear was the sound of the ice pelts bouncing off the sidewalk. We went to Janice's for dinner that night and the drive back was very slick. I felt right at home. Well because freak things like this don't happen a lot the entire town shutdown. We woke up Wednesday morning to ice everywhere. On the car, road, roof, grass...it was everywhere. We were cautioned to stay in are apartment so we didn't go out to work until about two. I was going crazy. Then the power went out for a while. My companions wanted to go out and deice the car - they thought it was a hoot. Well the ice eventually melted and now this week is supposed to be nice. No tights, and we can actually dress cute. The grass is starting to get green as well.
Our Area has been struggling, we are working hard and increasing are faith in finding the elect here in Ruston.
That's all for this week. Love y'all and I'm enjoying my time here in Ruston Louisiana!
Sister Hartley
Scripture: 1 Nephi 13: 41-42 (we have to work to be saved!)
Ice Storm

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thank you for your prayers

This week we have seen many miracles and tender mercies from the Lord. On Thursday it was soooo cold! We had planned to do two hours of tracting. We were all bundled up and out knocking doors. We were all freezing, but we all knew we needed to do it so we wouldn't get behind. Well we knocked on a couple doors and got some pretty harsh words spoke to us. We were pretty taken back and frustrated that we were so cold and hated. Well we mustered up some faith and knock on the next door. It's a family and they let us in right off the bat and have a great conversation with them. It was amazing, the spirit was really strong. Then the next door we knock on we were able to give a Book of Mormon to a man who was excited to read it (Thank-you for your prayers, they really work!) after that house we knocked on another door and they let us in as well! We were so grateful to the Lord for blessing us. It was a testimony to us all of diligence and persistence. My testimony has really been strengthened from opposition we have had. It is how we grow.
On Saturday we had an awesome day! It was a day full of members and missionaries coming together. In the morning we helped Sarah, an investigator, move. It was amazing, us and the elders were there along with the bishop and a few other members from the ward. It was so fun to all come together and help a family out who needed it. In the afternoon we had three member present lessons in a row! It was amazing and really strengthened my testimony of members in lessons. One of them was a church tour. The spirit was so strong as we showed an investigator around the church and had her look at all the paintings. The spirit was powerful. 
I have a strong testimony that this work will hasten if the members jump on board.
We have a busy week ahead of us, but it's full of service to our Savior and bringing souls unto him. Can't get any better than that.
Love y'all and have a joyous experience at the temple!
Sister Hartley  
How we stay warm.

Eating at Subway just for Melissa!

We both are twins, and our other twin is serving a mission also.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Not my pig, not my farm"

 A returning member in our ward took us to get pedicures! It was so great! My toes have a French tip! I was worried about my ticklish problems, but I did pretty good!
I had a great week! Even though we are at the library late, two of are investigators happened to be here so we could set up appointments with them! Yeah!
 'm learning a ton from my two companions. They are awesome and good missionaries.
I watched this video the other day and you all should watch it for family home evening. 
 Love Sister Hartley!
Scripture: Alma 13:10 (the whole chapter is good)
Southernism: Leora, a returning member, said this today in response to something that wasn't her worry, "not my pig, not my farm." haha
We're a tall companionship

Leora, she spoiled us with our pedicures, so nice and thoughtful.

Sister Davis, she has a twin on a mission.

Love Sister Hartley!
Scripture: Alma 13:10 (the whole chapter is good)
Southernism: Leora, a returning member, said this today in response to something that wasn't her worry, "not my pig, not my farm." haha