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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last week of the MTC, time is going by fast.

So much has happened in a week it's crazy! I'll start with Sunday. Sundays at the MTC are neat and relaxing. All the sisters meet for Relief Society. I was looking for Melissa and I look down my row and see her sitting like fifteen people down from me! I showed my branch president's wife, "Hey that's my twin!" and she says, "Well you need to go sit by her!" So all the sisters play the whisper came until it comes to Melissa. She gets this big smile, looks down the row and sees me! We got to sit together with our companions! It was awesome. There's also another set of twins here that are going to California. Also, on Sunday we get to walk to the temple. The Lord must really love us because Melissa's district was timed to go at the same time as mine so we got to take pictures together! Yesterday I was in the bathroom and this investigator starts talking to me like she knows me and I'm just playing along and she says, "You don't know me do you?" and I say "No" and she points at my name tag and says, "But aren't you sister Hartley?" I just laugh and say "Oh you are talking about my twin!" haha it was pretty funny! We had a meeting with all the new sisters and they gave us the big spill about "How to act like a lady" Melissa and I just laughed, our momma taught us that stuff years ago!

It is awesome because I have had a couple spiritual experiences with investigators where I can talk about being a twin. One investigator, Linda, didn't believe that God loved her because of all the people in the world. I told her that I was a twin and how people always mixed us up and stuff, then I told her that I knew that God never mixed us up and always knew me by my name. It was really powerful. Yesterday Sister Brown and I invited her to be baptized and SHE SAID YES! We literally jumped for joy after! We were so excited!! 

I love my district. We are all close and excited to serve in Mississippi together. I seriously love my companion. She reminds me of Mary Poppins. She kinda looks and dresses like her, and she's got a big bag full of everything. You never quite know what she'll whip out next! She's so funny. She is always singing, and changing her voice. She keeps our entire district laughing. I am going to miss her. She is really talented. I sang in the choir with her, and in turn she came to the gym with me! 

Halloween was fun. Elder Odies was like "Halloween is my favorite hoilday, it's the only day candy is freely given!" haha

I love feeling the spirit. It is so amazing. We met this lady on campus, she's an investigator. She's orginally from Tennesse so she was telling us all about the south. We have grown to love her. We got a picture with her. We all know that the spirit guided us to her. I pray the Lord bless her! She was talking about having something and not being able to use it, likening it to chickens and how they have wings and can't use them. It made so much sense.

I love you all! I will be in Mississippi on Monday and I cannot wait to serve the people! 

Sister Hartley 

Sis. Hartley & Sis. Hartley Provo Temple Day

Melissa & her companion with me

Sister Hartley's and our companions

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