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Monday, February 2, 2015

We were so busy we worked right through lunch.

 The Jackson Zone Sisters.

Hey y'all. Another great week here in good ol' Jackson. If y'all haven't read this talk I'd invite you to read it. I've lost count the number of times I've listened to it.

If you're able to y'all should listen to him give it, his voice is powerful. Neat thing as well, Elder Hugh B. Brown married Charles Ora Card's daughter.

We've seen many miracles this week. Tuesday we were on exchanges. I was in our area and for some reason Tuesday morning I was really stressed out. I was trying to hide it because we were on exchanges. I didn't want the sister I was with to see me flustered. Some appointments were falling through, we were trying to get members to come out with us, and we had planned to spend the majority of our day on foot so we could talk with everyone. I was worried we were going to run out of things to do because our appointments weren't super solid. I decided to push it aside and have more faith. We set out and none of the people we had planned to see that morning where there, but we talked with everyone, and tracted,   We were so busy we worked right through lunch. That afternoon we were out walking trying to locate a referral and we stopped to talk to this older couple walking out of there driveway to go for a walk. When they saw  us walking towards them they said that we were filled with light. We showed them a picture of the Salt Lake temple and talked about forever families and it really interested them. We set a time to see them the next day. When we went back the lady began to tell us she wasn't interested, but Sister Kennard being the bold missionary that she is  wasn't taking no for an answer. We ended up teaching her and are seeing her again tonight with Sister McDonough.

After we talked with them we needed to book it back to the car because we were late for our next appointment. While we were half running I saw a man by his truck and before we could say anything he says, "Sisters! I'm a member!" Turns out his family just moved in so we got there contact info and are excited to see them. The appointment we had planned fell through so the member that was with us took us to see a lady on her visiting list that was less active. She was home to so we got to talk to her for a minute. All in all the day turned out perfectly and I really enjoyed my time with the sister I was with. We both gained a stronger testimony of talking with everyone and walking as often as we can.

Sister Kennard and I also had a powerful tracting experience. We knocked on a door and no one was there so we went to the next door.  A car then pulled up in the driveway of the house we had just knocked on. We went back and knocked again and a man answered and he was prepared to receive the Book of Mormon and we had a powerful lesson with him.

I'm grateful for the experiences I've had this week. Transfers are next week so I'll be emailing on Tuesday. I have no idea what will happen. I could easily stay, and easily go. I'll do whatever I'm asked.

I love y'all and thank-you for all the support and prayers.

 funny quote we heard from a member

Lunch with my favorite ladies

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