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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thank you for your prayers

This week we have seen many miracles and tender mercies from the Lord. On Thursday it was soooo cold! We had planned to do two hours of tracting. We were all bundled up and out knocking doors. We were all freezing, but we all knew we needed to do it so we wouldn't get behind. Well we knocked on a couple doors and got some pretty harsh words spoke to us. We were pretty taken back and frustrated that we were so cold and hated. Well we mustered up some faith and knock on the next door. It's a family and they let us in right off the bat and have a great conversation with them. It was amazing, the spirit was really strong. Then the next door we knock on we were able to give a Book of Mormon to a man who was excited to read it (Thank-you for your prayers, they really work!) after that house we knocked on another door and they let us in as well! We were so grateful to the Lord for blessing us. It was a testimony to us all of diligence and persistence. My testimony has really been strengthened from opposition we have had. It is how we grow.
On Saturday we had an awesome day! It was a day full of members and missionaries coming together. In the morning we helped Sarah, an investigator, move. It was amazing, us and the elders were there along with the bishop and a few other members from the ward. It was so fun to all come together and help a family out who needed it. In the afternoon we had three member present lessons in a row! It was amazing and really strengthened my testimony of members in lessons. One of them was a church tour. The spirit was so strong as we showed an investigator around the church and had her look at all the paintings. The spirit was powerful. 
I have a strong testimony that this work will hasten if the members jump on board.
We have a busy week ahead of us, but it's full of service to our Savior and bringing souls unto him. Can't get any better than that.
Love y'all and have a joyous experience at the temple!
Sister Hartley  
How we stay warm.

Eating at Subway just for Melissa!

We both are twins, and our other twin is serving a mission also.

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