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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunny and 75

Well this week we have seen the sun so I'm feeling good! We had a lot of awesome things happen this week! We were able to to drive to some nearby communities to visit a returning member and referral! I was able to see green grass, cows, horses, fences, and beautiful Louisiana homes. I was in heaven and Sister Bender said, "Look at all the tender mercies the Lord is given you!"

Sister Davis has been in the MJM about 11 months and her visa has not come for Brazil. A few days ago she comes into the study room and says, "Sister Hartley, I know what we need to do to have my Visa come. I need a miracle and I need all y'alls help. Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles. This next week we and the Elders have to be exactly obedient. I have never felt so strong about anything in my life, we have to do this." Well what could I say to that, but "I'm here for ya Sister!" So on Saturday night we had the Elders give us blessings and yesterday we had a fast. We need miracles in this area, for Sister Davis, and are investigators, and finding. We have so many who are so close to baptism, but they each have things that are holding them back. We need miracles. I loved my blessing Elder Bradshaw gave me. It was the first one I have had since the MTC. We call our District leaders are dad so when it was my turn to have a blessing they asked who I wanted to give it. I looked at Elder Bradshaw and said, "I need my dad to give it." It was a beautiful blessing and I felt that the words he spoke were the words Dad would have said if he were here. It was beautiful. I love the Elders and the priesthood. Well after that we are all on each others tails and doing everything in our power to be exactly obedient. We went to the Pearcy's after. They are  blind. We try to see them once a week. They are an inspiration to us all and we love them with all our hearts. We prayed in the car that we would be able to serve them in some way. While we knock on the door and before we can say Hi, Sister Pearcy explains that she has bad allegrys and she needed us to go to WalGreens and get some medicine. Boom. Miracle #1. Love Miracles! Love Them!!
Well, that's all for this week. Life is good here in the MJM.
Sister Hartley
Scripture: The last two verses in Enos. Written Beauitfully!

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