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Friday, May 9, 2014

I got transferd to Texas

I'm in Texas

I got my transfer call last Friday. I was pretty sure I was getting transfered, so I was pretty nervous/excited to see where I would be going. When President called he says to me, "Sister Hartley you're going to Wake Village!" I was like, "Um...President where is that?" He then says, "It's in Texas!" Then I may have screamed into the phone...."ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!?!? AHHHH!!! President I have been dreaming of Texas my whole life!!!!!...Then I started crying and laughing. It was great! Anyways now I am in Wake Village Texas. It is a suburb of Texarkana. Texarkana is a neat place, half of the city is in Arkansas and the other half in Texas.

I've only been in Texarkana for a few days, but I love it! I hope I stay here a long time. It's pretty different from Ruston, but there's still a church on every corner. There's a huge Baptist church right by are building. It's pretty crazy. I feel so spoiled to be here. Everything is soooooooo good! The ward is awesome and soooo good to us and missionary minded! Every Thursday they play volleyball at the church and lots of are investigators come and it is a great missionary opportunity. There are six missionaries in the ward. There's us, the Spanish elders, and the zone leaders. I love are district, it's pretty much a mormon movie let me tell ya. Sister Meek and I are already planning it out, it's so funny. I am so blessed to serve with all of them. Texarkana is a long ways away from the mission home, but the missionaries here work sooo hard and have so much faith. And they're so happy! I love serving with Sister Meek. She goes home in July. She is so good and I know God placed us together. 

I am so excited to be here!! I've only been here a few days, but Sister Meek and I keep having experiences that scream "yall are supposed to be here." Like today for example, a member, Sister Hanson came to unlock the church so we could email and she asked me where I was from so I said, "Alberta" and she asks where so I say Cardston. And she says "do you know the Burrows in Aetna?" My jaw drops and I say "yes I do!" Come to find out she's Kristy's mother in law. She's Dorenan and Hyrum's grandmother! I was like, "Are you serious, I have babysat your grandkids!" It was the best! We phoned Kristy and told her and she says, "I remember when you were born!" 

Another amazing thing happened this week....we were out tracting and we knock on a door to Ashley! She is young and recently married. She said she has been to all the churches around here (except ares of course) and hadn't found the truth. We taught her the Restoration and she loved it! She couldn't come to church yesterday, but she says, "I'll be there the week after!" We are seeing her this week and I am so excited!!! We have met some really elect people in the past few days and I am so excited to teach them!! 

Oh and want to know another awesome thing happening this week?!?! Gladys Knight is coming to Shreveport!!! It is a huge missionary opportunity and we are all super pumped to go! We go Thursday and then Friday is interviews in Shreveport with President so we will stay the night there with the Shreveport sisters. I'm stoked!! We're going to get so many referrals after it will be sweet!!! 

Love ya! 
Sister Hartley 

ps, Melissa that is so funny about the superduties. Pretty sure every other vehicle down here is a superduty, and I see more cowboy boots then sneakers. haha it was funny, the ward had a potluck yesterday and I was talking to one of the members and he asked what my family did and when I said we were ranchers, he says, "Oh ya, I thought so, I can see it." I was like,  "well good, my dad would be proud!" 

Saying good bye to Sister Love

Brother Anderson from Ruston served in the Calgary Canada mission.  He had a picture of Karli's family, the dental assistant with the curly hair in his mission book.  It is such a small world.

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