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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Oh it's my sisters!!"

Sister Jones(My Mission Twin) LOVE her.
This week has been full of miracles here in Texarkana. Sister Meek and I set out to tract with one goal in mind: find the elect. Well we went to are "focus area" said a prayer and started knocking. The third door we knocked on we were let in by a woman named Virgina. She is elect. The spirit was strong. When we left Sister Meek and I looked at each other and let out a little, "yippee!." I'm learning the Lord has quite the sense of humor!  

Out tracting with Sister Meek

This week has been full of member missionary work and I love it. I love the members here. I love them!!!! They are amazing!! Here's what occurred this past Friday. In the morning Sister Meek and I went on splits with two relief society sisters, afterwards one of them took us out for pizza. In the afternoon Sister Meek and I were out walking, following up with potentials, and trying to meet returning members. It was hot and humid and no one was answering, we were walking along the street and this car pulls beside us, rolls down the window, and it's Sister Shirley (she's a spitting image of Shelly Spencer!) she was very excited to see us and says, "Oh it's my sisters!!, Girls you look a little hot, come to my house to powder your nose and get some lemonade!" Well who can say no to that, so we walked over to her house for a few minutes, it was fun to get to know her a bit better. She sure is a good woman. That night we went out on splits yet again with two more relief society sisters! It was wonderful! I enjoy splitting off with the relief society sisters. After the split we all went out for ice cream. The relief society is very mission minded and Sister Meek and I are getting spoiled! 
Shyanne is our amazing convert.

The STLs came this weekend and Sister Giddins (my trainer) is a STL so it was fun to go out with her. She sure is a great missionary, I'm very lucky to have such good trainers. Sister Giddins trained me my first 6 weeks, then Sister Bender finished the other 6 weeks. I'm very grateful for them both. I'm excited to hear Melissa is training! I knew she would! She'll be a great trainer! That's one lucky new missionary!! 

It was zone conference yesterday so we were in Shreveport. Since the Texarkana zone is so small we combine with the Shreveport zone. We were up at 4 and in Shreveport by 7 for car inspection. When we got home we went to the Potts for a Memorial day BBQ. It was a long day, but very rewarding and inspirational. The Potts family are great. Zone conference was great as well. Sister Meek had to bear her testimony because it was her last zone conference. She did a beautiful job, she is a great missionary and I'm very spoiled to be her companion. President McDonough, the APs, and ZLs all gave great council and I was definitely inspired for are area. Sister Meek and I have said it before, but we'll say it again, we are so blessed to be serving in the Texarkana zone. Are zone leaders are powerful leaders. Here's a quote from zone conference. 
With my mission momma, Sistaer Giddins

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance. Chaos into order. Confusion into clarity. It turns problems into gifts. Failures into success. The unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates vision for tomorrow."

Love yall.
Sister Hartley 

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