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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Amy was baptized on Saturday!!

Hey Y'all. 

Well, this week was full of a lot.

Amy was baptized on Saturday!! Yah!! It was a very spiritual baptism. She was all smiles while in the font. The ward support was incredible. Ahh I just love Amy and this ward so much. Amy is so amazing. She's a true friend. We are so blessed here in Texarkana! God is so good. 

Amy's Baptism

On Friday night we received permission to go to a football game. It was Arkansas high school vs Texas high school. The 100th time they've played each other, needless to say they are rivals. I think it was more fun watching the elders be so excited then actually watching the game, haha. It was fun though.

Go Tigers!!

Church yesterday was great! A returning member that we have been working with since I got here came to church yesterday, the first time since I've been here! When I saw her walk in I was all smiles! She goes, "I just wanted to surprise y'all!" Well she sure did and it was the best! 

The past few weeks have been challenging in the finding department of missionary work. Usually we are able to give 4-7 Book of Mormons a week, but in the past two weeks we have given 1. To say it has been challenging is an understatment. Last night it was getting pretty late and we were in are apartment having dinner and then we had scheduled time to train. We both felt impressed that we needed to go out and tract. It was like 7:20 and getting dark, but we went out with a Book of Mormon in hand. Well the first couple doors were a no go. Not going to lie, I was getting really mad. I shed a few tears after one door that rejected the Book of Mormon. By now it's like 7:40 and getting dark and Sister Bithell points to one last door and says we need to try it. With the Book of Mormon in hand and all the faith I could muster we knocked and it opened to the nicest guy. He had some misconceptions about the Book of Mormon that we were able to clear up and then bear powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. He had a sincere, genuine desire to read it! He said he was happy to end are two week streak. We were to. The Lord sure works in mysterious ways.  

The Lord is good.

Sister Hartley
Baptist Billboards

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