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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I don't know enough about football

Well today marks the start of a new transfer! I will be staying in Ruston with Sister Davis and Sister Bender.
 So many trees here and ground squirrels. There's trees here, not sure what they're called but they have beautiful white blossoms and they are beautiful! The weather yesterday and today is soooo nice. Yesterday was a service day before transfers. We deep cleaned are apartment and then we went to some members' homes and did service. The sun feels so nice! I've missed it!
On Thursday we were out tracting and we knock on a door to this young mother and she was busy, but said we could come back tomorrow. We went back on Friday and she wasn't there, but her husband assured us she would be home soon and to come check back. We did and they were busy with friends, but we told them that we wanted to do a harvest prayer for them and they really wanted it so we sceduled for Sunday. We went back Sunday night and they were waiting for us! They have recently moved to Ruston and when we asked what they wanted mentioned in the prayer the mother says, "a small church family." Well if any church has a small family in Ruston it would be us! We are seeing them again this week and I am so excited!
We had a powerful experience this past Saturday. Before we started tracting we said a prayer that we would be able to get into a home and set someone with a baptism date (we've really been pushing this lately...can't triple the baptisms if we don't triple the number of people we invite). We get out of the car and knock on the door and we get invited in right away! First door!  Deondra and Jamillah. We taught them the Restoration and they were a little distant but as soon as Sister Bender recited Joseph Smith's vision they both looked right at her and felt the spirit! We invited them to be baptized on Mar. 29 and Jamillah practically screamed and says, "That's my birthday and I've been praying for a church!" Wow! Miracle miracle!
We are going to a state park here in a little bit. I've been wanting to go forever but the weather and timing has been off. We're going today though and I'm super happy!
Bishop Huckaby is big into football. We're talking 6'5 BYU Alumni. Anyways he was asking me what standards Canadian colleges and highschools use. Like size of field and stuff. Trying to get his trust so could you please help me with that?! Thanks.
Love y'all!

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