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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Member Missionary Work Is Where It's at!!!

Hello Family! Well so much has happened here I don't no where to start. Oh wait, sister Davis just checked her email and her sister got her Visa!! That most likely means her Visa should be coming!!!! Ya, we all about had a crying session here in the library!
This morning we went over to Sister Breelands and she showed us how to make her famous cheesecake, she's been making it since 1977! It is fantastic! Sister Breeland is awesome! Her kitchen was pretty small for four people, I collied with her once and said sorry, and she stops dead in her tracks and says, "Honey, we are all sisters here so don't worry about a thing." After that we had a tour at the blind center and it was soooo cool!!! I loved it!
Learned how to make Sister Breelands famous Cheesecake. 

This week we have seen so many miracles I don't even know where to start.
I don't have a lot of time today so I'll try to get them all in.
Miracle #1 Back in January we tracted into a lady named Donna. I've never had a more amazing Restoration lesson then with Donna. The spirit was so strong. Well long story short, crazy life gets in the way and we haven't been able to see Donna (bout breaks my heart). She works at the University in Monroe. The zone leaders call us the other day and say that they ran into her and she told them that she ran into other missionaries in Ruston. She went on to explain how impressed she was by us and that they were welcome to do missionary work on campus! Such a blessing and now they can meet so many other people! Sister Bender and I wanted to cry! (You do that a lot as a missionary).
Tracting in the country

Miracle #2 Janice was needing are help getting a Relief Society activity together. I had to call the ward list to invite people to it. Well one name I didn't recognize, but felt to call it anyway. Turns out it's a gal named Brittany, she's 20, less active and just moved back to Ruston. She wasn't able to come to the activity. We were sad. A few days later one of are plans fell through so we did are backup plan. We went to visit the lady and she had a friend over. IT'S BRITTANY! Talk about a small world! We were able to meet her and set up a time to see her! We saw her Sunday and she's awesome!

Louisiana Country Side

Dad here are some cows, just for you!

A Temple of the Baptist Church.

Miracle #3 The following member missionary work occurred yesterday in the Ruston ward
1.) A sweet sweet sister sang in church yesterday and she invited 3 non member friends!
2.) Sister Hogg had her neighbor to the Relief Society party on Thursday, had us over for dinner Friday, and she came to church Sunday!!
3.) Sister Pardue has become good friends with a returning member, she came to the Relief Society activity Thursday and then to churchon Sunday!!
Member Missionary work is where it's at!!!!
Hogg's Bunnies

Well that's all for now! I best be going. The STLs from Monroe are doing exchanges tonight then we have a big District meeting Wednesday so I'm making cupcakes! I'm excited.

 I'm doing well and missing y'all. Keep the faith!
Sister Hartley

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