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Friday, April 4, 2014

The visa finally came

We are so happy that Sister Davis got her visa.  Now she is off to Brazil.

It was a good week here in Ruston. Sister Davis got her visa!!! She has been praying for it every night for over a year. It was a tender moment mixed with some screaming. She leaves April 23, the end of the transfer. There is a lot to do before then. I will miss her, she's a great sister missionary.
A lot of good things happened this week! The Lord's hand was in it. Remember how I told y'all about Brittany, well she came to church this Sunday, and Bill was there to!
We are still in the "finding" stages of the work here in Ruston. We know that we will be lead to the elect if we are faithful. We were out tracting on Saturday and it was so fun, we walked up to a home and a lady, Miss Betty, was out washing her windows. She about bent over backwards in excitement to see us. She loved Mitt Romney and wanted to know what we believed. She invited us right in and yelled for her husband to come in and listen to us. We could tell he wasn't impressed and wanted to bible bash so we kept the conversation towards her. Anyways long story short we have an appointment with them tonight and I'm excited!
I know this is short this week, but I'm not sure what else to write. We just keep working hard and preaching the gospel here in Ruston.

This ones for my dad.

This is real Southern Hospitality

Canadian Pride

Dinner before women's broadcast

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