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Friday, June 6, 2014

Sundays really are the best day to do the Lord's work.

This past weekend was a weekend of miracles! Sunday night we set out to do some follow-ups.

 One particular house we have tried for several weeks and have had no luck, but we gave them two Book of Mormons so we knew how critical it was that we come in contact with them. When we knocked on the door one of the ladies we gave a BOM to answered the door, Sister Meek and I put into practice what we learned at zone conference: we were bold and explained that if they were not going to take the opportunity to read from it we would like to give them to someone who would. We exchanged two BOMs for a pass along card so she can contact us when she is ready. I'll be completely honest, it was really hard to do. My goal at the end of each day is to make my bag lighter, not heavier, but I placed those BOMs in my bag and prayed we would give them to those who would cherish it. We started tracting at a near by street, it was getting late, but we kept going - remembering how important are tracting hours are. 

One lady we talked to said that a pastor lived across from her and suggested we talk with him. Again I'll be honest, Sister Meek and I didn't want to knock on the door at first, remembering past experiences with pastors, however having "faith to find" from zone conference came to mind so we started down the path towards a gigantic southern home. To are surprise a beautiful woman answered the door, let us right in, and called her husband into the room. Next thing we know they invite us to sit down and offer us water and want to know are beliefs. Turns out the husband wasn't a pastor, but a pastor's assistant. We taught them the Restoration and were able to give them each a Book of Mormon. They were excited to read from it and committed right away. How grateful I was that we were able to give a beautiful family a copy of the Book of Mormon. After we left another miracle flashed through my mind. During the lesson they each brought up several points from the bible such as authority, and forever families. Sister Meek and I were able to read several passages of scripture with them that helped with their questions. 

If we hadn't taken the time to do are scripture reference cards and commit them in are mind and heart we couldn't have answered their questions. One last miracle that I would like to share, no sooner had we left their home and headed toward are car did the phone vibrate in my hand. She had texted us to thank us for coming! Sundays really are the best day to do the Lord's work.

We taught Maria and Migel the law of chasity. Before we taught it we met with their mom, who's a recent convert, and talked of how we would go about it. I showed her the cupcake video and she loved it. I don't know if you remember it mom, but I showed it to you probably a year or so ago. If you google Jenny Phillips worth waiting for cupcake video it should pop up. We did the same thing with them, so here are Maria and Migel eating there cupcakes because they waited the entire 5 minutes. It was fun! They are ready for baptism, but don't have permission from their dad who has custody over them. I'm praying hard. 

Gotta love this picture! Here are the Texas missionaries! Elder Brown (far left) got transferred so we went out to dinner. These elders are awesome. They take good care of us and are amazing missionaries, I am so glad the MJM got them! 
Texas clouds are so different.

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