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Friday, June 13, 2014

Popcorn and trail mix

Hey y'all. The weeks fly by here in good ol' Texarkana. I love it here. Don't want to leave. I'm so spoiled to be here. We have another set of elders in are district. There's now 8 missionaries total in the ward. It's pretty crazy, but there is plenty work to do here. The ward here is amazing. The people are amazing. It's starting to feel like summer, it's getting hot. It stormed here last night and is still pouring. Sister Meek and I were up quite a bit in the night, the thunder is crazy, and you would think a lamp is on with the constant lightening. Last night we sat out for awhile and watched the lightening storm. It was pretty sweet. 

The work here is good. We tracted into an elect man this past week. He has been very prepared to receive the gospel. He has gone to every church imaginable but has never been baptized. We committed him to baptism and he accepted!!!! He pretty much said he needed to quit smoking before we even brought it up, and he asked us the question, "do y'all believe in different stages of heaven because I do and I haven't found a church that believes that." Well I about danced a number in my seat and told him that we sure did! Sister Meek and I were so excited! We may have screamed and laughed/cried, and screamed some more on the ride home. 

Yesterday at church a lady in the ward approached us with her two cute granddaughters and goes, "these are my granddaughters, they want to be taught the discussions and get baptized." Well Sister Meek and I jumped on that! I am so excited!!! They are a real southern belle family and I cannot wait to teach them. It is going to be sweet! Sister Meek and I plan to see much success before her mission is over. 

A lady in the ward asked me if I would teach her girls how to play the simplified hymns this summer. I guess it's hard to find piano teachers around here. Of course I told her that I would love to do that.

Saturday night we got into a discussion with a part member family about the Godhead and Trinity. Needless to say Sister Meek and I were up pretty late that night studying. Yes that would be a bowl of popcorn and trail mix. Just another day in the good ol bible belt.

The Lord continues to bless us. His hand is in this work everyday. 

I love y'all! Have a blest week. 

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