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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday!!!!!!! We had 3 investigators in church and 2 returning members!!!!!!!! Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week has been wonderful. It has been full of many miracles, tender mercies, and sweet experiences. Sister Meek and I have been truly blessed. The Lord is hastening his work here in Texarkana. So much has happened in one week, but I'll try and go through the days and give yall a play-by-play. It may get long. 

Tuesday: We had district meeting in the morning and it was interviews to. The ZLs taught and I learned a ton, we always practice and I am grateful we do, I really need it. It is always fun to see President and Sister McDonough. They are the best. President is the most spiritual/wisest/sincerest/compassionate/leader/ I have ever known. He is incredible, and Sister McDonough is the same. I'm convinced that President knows every thought and intent of my heart even more than I do myself. I always thought an interview with a mission president would be him telling you everything you need to do better and change, but when President McDonough interviews me he always sits back in his chair with a great big smile and lets me talk and he just nods his head and smiles. He's taught me a lot about agency. He always puts things so simply and clearly. Afterward President and Sister McDonough took Sister Meek and I to Subway for lunch, it was fun to see them both at a more comfortable setting. They sure are great! After lunch Sister Meek and I did some tracting and we got invited inside to teach a lesson. Miracle! It was awesome! We were also able to see a family in the ward and give them a message about Joseph Smith and visit with them. We then went to see an investigator. Her name is Daphne. She had her BOM all marked up and had researched online and was prepared with some really good questions. It was awesome! (She's the one that we thought her husband was a preacher but isn't). 

Wednesday: A member in the ward has a friend that we taught the Stop Smoking Workshop (a program produced by the church that helps you quit smoking in a week, it's the best!). It was very spiritual and powerful. She was able to come to volleyball Thursday, churchSunday and now she wants the lessons! It is amazing, she is the best! I am so excited to start teaching her! 

Thursday: We were able to see a less active family that is really hard to get a hold of. I guess something happened in the past with previous missionaries, but we called them up and asked if we could come and they said yes! It was pretty big, and it was good to finally met them. Thursday night was volleyball and we had an investigator come and she had a blast! It was super fun! 

Friday: In the morning we helped a young family in the ward clean their house because they are moving. The good Lord protected us from two evil dogs, Lynn (she was baptized a few weeks ago) came to a lesson with us, and it was awesome, very powerful! 

Saturday: Remember how I told yall about Charles Brown and the church pants??! While Sister Meek ironed them up all nice and it was the cutest/tenderest experience when we went to his house to give them to him. Usually when we come he has a soap opera on, but when we went over on Saturday we walk in and the Tv is off, he's got his old country christian music playing and he's sitting on his couch reading the Ensign. He also got a hair cut, was clean shaven, and had bought himself a belt for the church pants. It was so sweet, Sister Meek and I wanted to cry. He went and got the only tie he owned and asked if we knew how to tie a tie, and then he says, "Do you think it will go with the pants?" It was so sweet. He was really nervous about it all. At are dinner appointment we had one of the elders tie it for us and then we stopped at his house on the way home and he tried it on with the pants. He said he felt silly, but we let him know how great he looked and that we would tell him if he looked silly. It was a tender moment. Also on Saturday we were able to see the girls, they have a date set for July 12, right before Sister Meek goes home! We also saw a member in the ward, Sister Turner, Sister Meek and I have both felt impressed to see her this past week. She lives pretty far out, but we had miles to see her, which is a blessing. She seriously lives out in the sticks of Arkansas! Her address doesn't even come up on a GPS. It was the best, she met us on her ranger and led us to her house so we could find it. She has the best southern accent I have ever heard. She is a hoot! One of the neatest southern ladies I have met. It was good to visit her and follow a prompting. 

Sunday!!!!!!! We had 3 investigators in church and 2 returning members!!!!!!!! Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Meek and I waited outside for Charles Brown and sure enough he pulled up in his old red truck. He looked so good!! It was really sweet to see him partake of the sacrament. Really tender. It was sweet to, one of the elders came up to him and introduced himself and he says, "hey and I like that tie." Brother Brown beamed. It was perfect. 

Well there's are week! We've been so blessed! Texarkana is about ready to explode! 

Just one of the many baptist billboards.

We didn't have many meal appointments this week so Sister Meek and I decided we would offer some service and cook dinner for the Elders one night. Sunday night we thought of what we could make and the only thing that came to are mind was Sister Atterberry. She is famous for her egg rolls. She is amazing, she was really excited and made so much food!! In the picture i'm trying to roll the egg rolls how she taught me and you can see her in the background frying away. She is so funny, I said, "Sister Atterberry come smile for a picture, next thing I know she holds up her hands and says, "Okay peace!" haha it was the best.

Dinner with the District

Package from home

Mom sent me my favorite sweat pants.

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