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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hi Everyone! We had another great week here in Texarkana. The girls got baptized yesterday!!!!! It was the sweetest thing in the world, loved it! They had so much family support, over half of the people there where their family!! Little Loriann is the sweetest, I asked her what she was most excited for and she said, "to know what the Holy Ghost feels like." 
The sweet girls at their baptism! Loriann, Ally, and Novalee!

The girls with their sweet moms.

Saturday was a great day here in Texar. It was pioneer day so the stake had softball and games at the church. It was super fun to play softball, reminded me of good ol' youth days. Only it is better being a missionary because no one can judge you for your lack of softball ability, haha. It was fun though. I guess usually it's just a mens thing, but they let Sister Bithell and I play and towards the end a few more gals joined in. It was fun to be with the stake and see other sister missionaries. It was a really hot day, and in the afternoon we had a bunch of tracting to do. It was getting a little hot out walking and then bam a miracle happened. We knocked on a door to find Sister Rowland behind it! She's a member in the ward, she's amazing! Anyways turns out it's her mother's house (who isn't a member). She let us right in with a big ol' hug and ice water. We were able to share a message with her mom and it was really spiritual. The members here are amazing, and God is amazing. Miracles always happen while tracting, it's wonderful. 

Speaking of tracting, last night we got talking to a man who really knows his bible. I sorta had an "ahh huh" moment while talking with him. He brought up several scriptures from the bible and I knew about all the scriptures he mentioned and was able to be bold and give him some questions to think about. Afterwards I got thinking of how far I've come in the past 9 months. The Lord truly has helped me, his grace is a beautiful thing, for I lack so much, but when I do my part his grace is truly there, I can feel it. 

Training has also caused me to contemplate my vision as a missionary. Sister Bithell is so sweet and has such a strong desire to learn, grow, and "become." She reminds me of myself when I was in her shoes. President said that he had a very clear and distinct impression that we were to be companions. 

Anyways, that's all for now. We're playing softball with the elders and some members this afternoon and hopefully some cards, we'll see what happens. Love all the pictures yall send every week. I was showing off Jett to the elders and they think he's pretty cute. Life is good isn't it. So blessed. Oh I loved seeing Aunt Ginny, and mom your hair looks great! 

Love, Sister Hartley 
Helping Sister Ethridge can peaches!
Family Home Evening with our favorite people!

Our service for the week...a member moved into a new house that need some serious cleaning...we offered are services! 
What life looks like right now! Gotta love talking to families! 
Us and Memaw (the girl's grandma) 

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