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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meet the Mormons is SOOO GOOOOD!

Wow what a week. MLC with Elder Zwick (a humbling experience), Zone Conference with Elder Zwick, Meet the Mormons (if y'all haven't seen it I strongly suggest you do! SOOO GOOOOD!), and a whole lot of finding and teaching.

Sister Jones and I are working hard together. I sure am learning a lot from her. She's amazing, I'm so spoiled to be her companion. She's an angel of humility, faith, strength, knowledge, and testimony. We keep pretty busy between working with a branch and a ward and STL planning. We are pretty blessed.

I have to say the same thing as Travis, my emails have become shorter and shorter each week. Know that I am doing well. I'm going on my first exchange tonight, I'm nervous and excited. I pray I can be the missionary the Lord's need me to be. He definitely calls the weak, for that is very much how I feel, yet I know that as I put my trust in him all is well.

Love Sister Hartley


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