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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Audry's Baptism Day

Hello from the MJM. It has been a busy and wonderful week. We had Audry's baptism on Saturday, which was awesome! Kierra, her sister, won't be baptized for a little while yet, we're still helping her develop a testimony. Audry's baptism was very well supported by her family, the spirit was very strong. One of the strongest I've been to. 

Audry's Baptism!
Audry's big day.

Monday and this morning we helped with the new arrivals. It was crazy that a year ago that was me and now I'm on the other end of receiving missionaries. It was very exciting! I felt like a mom waiting for her kid at the airport! We have been looking at the new missionaries pictures forever so it was great to finally meet them! This past transfer has been a huge learning curve for me. As Sister Jones puts it, "Every calling is a call to repentance." I've done much of that this transfer. I feel very, very humbled.

 Saw My Girl At Transfers!
My mission has taught me the importance of doing the basics. Sister Jones has taught me an analogy of the bicycle. Many think that the training wheels are the basics and once you've mastered them you're done. But in reality the basics are learning how to peddle, keep your balance and steer. Once you've mastered those you change your course, maybe it's a hill, or gravel, but you still have the basics and you have to adjust and learn a little different technique to keep upright. That's how the "seminary answers" are for us. We have to be deeply rooted in the gospel, and rely on them for every course we embark on.
Well I love y'all. I need to go, lots of missionaries that want to email to. Thank-you for the packages, and pictures, and letters. It means a lot!
Deep Cleaning Day

Biking in the Cold

Halloween at the McDough's

                                                      Jackson Zoo

Jackson Branch Missionaries

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