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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nothing like little children to teach straight to the heart.

 This week we were very busy, but it was great! We had many miracles. Wednesday night we had two amazing lessons with members! I love member missionary work. We taught Kevin and Jimmerick. They are scheduled to be baptized in December. We talked about the temple. It was so spiritual! We gave them a pass along card with a picture of the Salt Lake Temple. When Kevin saw it he said that he had seen it before! I guess when he was younger his grandma had a little tea cup she got traveling to Utah and it had the temple on it. Kevin was always fond of it. He loved hearing about baptisms for the dead. He said he has many family members he wants to get baptized for when he can. He came to church yesterday and it was the primary program, all about how families can be together forever. Nothing like little children to teach straight to the heart. It was incredible. Sister McDonough also came to the lesson with us. We are so spoiled to have the mission home in are area. Whenever President and Sister McDonough are home Sister McDonough wants to come out with us. It is the best when she comes, she brings such a sweet spirit with her. Sister Jones and I are so spoiled to have her with us.

Thursday-Friday was my first official MLC. The last one was with Elder Zwick so the set-up was different. It was very humbling. The elders and sisters in this mission are amazing. Spiritual giants I tell ya! I'm so blessed to be here. I have learned soooo much from being here.

We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday. For 2 sisters Kiera and Audry. They are the great nieces of the Jackson branch president. Please pray for them and their families. They don't have the best home life.

I am so grateful to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, this truly is His work, and as Elder Zwick puts it, "He has His boots on the ground." Matthew 24:46 May we all be such servants.

Sister Hartley

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