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Monday, November 24, 2014

Study the book of John in the New Testament. It will change your life.

Handed out Halloween candy at the Presidents house

At the Zoo

Audry and A'tia
This week has been a miracle. Sister Jones and I have been struggling to teach people. Saturday morning while planning I was really frustrated. I said, "Sister Jones I can't remember the last time we taught the restoration together." She agreed, and we set out on bikes that day determined to break the streak. We talked with a lot of people and finally on the last door we knocked we taught a mini restoration lesson. It was wonderful. The Lord really does hear are prayers.

 If y'all ever want a good study, study the book of John in the New Testament. It will change your life. It's changing mine. President has encouraged us to read it once a transfer. It's pretty remarkable.

I love the people I serve. Yesterday we went to a member's home in the Jackson branch. She pretty much changed my life. Her name is Sister Ervin. Talk about a lady with Christ-like love.

This past Thursday we did a service project with the branch relief society. We put together Thanksgiving plates and then we went to the poorer part of Jackson and handed them out to people along with a pass along card. It pretty much changed my life.

Sounds like y'all have a busy week ahead. I hope all the animals sell well. I'll be praying for it. 

Love y'all! Happy Thanksgiving.
Jackson Zoo

That's A'tia, the branch president's daughter. Cutest member of the branch

Lovely Branch Ladies

Completed dinners to hand out to the needy in Jackson with a pass along card.

Winnsboro sisters

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