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Monday, December 8, 2014

I love teaching people.


This week was wonderful. I love teaching people. I love being a missionary. We are so blessed here in Jackson, (I still can't believe I'm in Jackson!) Last night sister Jones and I were trying some people we have tracted into recently, on one door the guy we talked with wasn't there, but his friend was, we asked her if we could teach her and she starts saying that she is really busy and doesn't have time...I held up my hand and pleaded, "Just give us 5 minutes." She agreed and invited us in. We watched He is the Gift, and it brought the spirit of Christ into her home. We then read the start of Helaman 14 with her when Samuel prophecies of Christ's birth. It really interested her to hear of the signs in America. We asked her if she would like to keep the Book of Mormon and she said yes! 

Sister Jones and I got to help Sister McDonough decorate the mission home for Christmas. Being close to the mission home is such a blessing. It's only a 20 minute bike ride from are apartment. I have learned so much from being around President and Sister McDonough. 

I love y'all so much! 
Sister Hartley

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