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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Give said the little stream, give oh give, give oh give

Many mighty miracles have been manifested this week here in Jackson. With the guidance of the spirit Sister Kennard and I have been led to those who need help. God truly answers prayers through people. God trusts us, we must trust Him. 

Tuesday Sister Kennard and I set out on foot, boy was it ever cold. I know I'm from Alberta and should be used to the cold, but the humidity is a whole different cold. We walked and walked, and knocked and knocked, and no answer. My head was slowing starting to hang down when I looked up the street to see a family pull up in a nearby driveway. "That's the family." Sister Kennard mustered under her breath. We knocked on their door with faith, and we were invited in. We shared the Book of Mormon, and he accepted it, asking the best questions. One family, that was all we found, but it was the right family. It was all we needed. 

"Words are often as important as experience, because words make experience last." -Willie Morris. 

Love y'all so much. You're support and prayers strengthen me each day. Alma 36:3

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