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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Humble to Prepare, Confident to Perform

Reunited after 14 months
Well this week was crazy just like all the rest! I'm loving serving with Sister Kennard. As President puts it, "you two are two peas from the same pod." True indeed! Sister Kennard just came from serving in Texarkana (she took my place when I got transferred.) So now it's the Wake Village sisters serving in Jackson. It is fun to get caught 
up on all the good things happening in Texar. Sister Kennard and I were in the MTC together and haven't seen each other since. Who would have known that 14 months later we would be companions. We are very much a like, minus the fact that she's sweeter than sweet. I've noticed that my past companions have all been extremely sweet. I think President may be hinting that I need to be a little sweeter??!? She's pretty nervous to be a STL so I've been telling her all the things Sister Jones told me. It was pretty funny, we sat down the other day to plan out exchanges and I found myself talking like Sister Jones. Oh and at district meeting I totally acted like her to. We were setting district goals for January and are district leader kept looking at me and saying, "Oh wait Sister Hartley is thinking about something.." And I found myself saying to Sister Kennard the other day, "I just need to ponder this for a bit." All the things that Sister Jones did. I miss her a lot, but I'm so glad she is home with her family.

I'm excited that Elder Zwick is coming to Melissa's mission. He came here in October and I loved it!

Sister McDonough said something awhile back that stuck me, and I am now gaining a testimony of. She says that the spirit is always stronger when you sacrifice. We had MLC this past week. Sister Kennard and I are very blessed because we don't have to drive a long distance to get to it. Lots of missionaries have to drive 3-5 hours to get to it. It is really nice because we get more time to work in are area. On Friday we have a sisters meeting then all the zone leaders come and we have dinner and another meeting. The sisters meeting got done early. Sister Kennard and I decided to go out and tract before dinner instead of staying at the mission home. Well we were out we were able to find, teach, and commit someone to be baptism, as well as place a Book of Mormon, and talk to almost everyone on the street we felt impressed to go to. It was amazing. It really prepared us to be open to the spirit for the meeting that night. "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven."

The Alhalteh's are an amazing family in the Madison ward. They were sealed on Saturday in the Baton Rouge temple! They had us over on my birthday. (they have two other kids at BYU Idaho.

Sister Jones last day of tracting (it poured)

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