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Monday, April 20, 2015

"Ask her about the Book of Mormon."

Happy Birthday to Jett!!!!! I hope yall are doing good. The Lord continues to guide His work here along the coast. We stayed really busy this week, and saw many miracles. On Saturday I was on an exchange and we were out tracting. A lot of doors were shut before we could even say anything. They just gave us one look and closed the door! I could tell the sister I was with was getting pretty frustrated, I was to but I was trying to not let it show. I just kept pointing to houses and saying, "Maybe this one, ohh and then that one." We finally knock on this one door and the most elegant lady answers the door and she is so nice to us! She explains that she is Methodist, and I could tell she was being really nice to us, but that she wasn't all interested in the message. Well the thought came to me, "Ask her about the Book of Mormon." Well I did, and she asked for one! It was incredible. The spirit was on the doorstep. It was a complete turn around from the other doors we had previously knocked on. I about did a hop, skip, and a jump off her driveway I was so excited! The Lord has people prepared. We just have to always be willing to keep going. 

We have two exchanges this week so we'll be busy. I get to go on an exchange with Sister Brown, my MTC companion. I am so excited for that!!! I sure love it down here! It has rained all week! The rain boots have sure come in handy. Someone asked me if they were shrimp boots the other day. 

Remember last week I told yall about the family we tracted into that wants to come back to church. Well we're teaching them this week and we offered service. We are going to help them paint their boat. We are very excited to be with them! They are great!

Love y'all!

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