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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I know that the Lord hears prayers of faith

I know that the Lord hears prayers of faith. Since I have been along the coast I have been praying for teaching opportunities and to find investigators who will progress in the Gospel. Sister Kelly and I have also been praying about it as a companionship. This week has been a week of miracles. We weren't able to work a lot in our area the week prior due to MLC and general conference, we made a goal to make up for it this week. Miracle after miracle was manifest.
 On Tuesday we received a referral, it wasn't in the area we were currently in so we made plans to contact them the next day. Turns out their a young couple who has family in the church. They are elect and amazing! We are so excited to start teaching them. We feel so good about them. 

A few weeks ago are WML gave us a name of a less active to go and contact. She lived in an area we hadn't worked before, it turns out she didn't live at that address. On Thursday Sister Kelly and I felt impressed to tract the area. While knocking on one door, I noticed a lady sitting out on the porch of the neighbor house. She saw us, and went inside her house. I was worried that she wouldn't answer her door. Well she did, she looked at our name tags and said, "I am a member, and I have felt impressed for the last while that I need to come back to church." She had her young daughter with her and she invited us in and told us her story. I showed her a picture of the First Vision and she just cried and said, "It feels so good to see that picture again, it has been so long." She hasn't been to church in a long time. It was a miracle. We are giving her a church tour this week and she committed to coming to church. And her daughter turns 9 this week so we are going to start teaching her the lessons. The daughter is so cute, she said the closing prayer and she goes, "God thank-you for these Mormon womans who have come to us. Please bless these woman missionaries." It was priceless. The spirit was very strong. 

The Lord is blessing the people of this area, I know many in this area are prepared, we just have to have the faith to find them and trust in the spirits guiding hand.

Sunday was a wonderful opportunity, we had Elder Blooth, our area authority, the stake president, and President and Sister McDonough all at sacrament meeting. What a special day! I am so grateful to the Lord, for His goodness, grace, mercy, and love. 

Sister Hartley 

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