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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I have been out 3 wonderful months

A lot happened this week! I'll start with something pretty exciting. On Friday the Elders and us went to Monroe for  specialized training. I had a meeting with President and Sister McDonough. It was for all those in our zone that have been out less then six months. It was such a good meeting and I learned a lot! I was very humbled. Let's just say this week has been very humbling. Dang pride!
After the meeting the Elders wanted to go to this Wing place that is really good so we did. Well Elder Bradshaw says, "Hey sister Hartley want to go to Duck Commander?" I said that we should check to see how close it is. Well he puts it into his GPS and we come to find that it's only a few miles away! When it hit me that we were actually going I started to cry, and maybe scream a little bit?!?! I was freaking out! Elder Mower is like, "Sister Hartley, It's like you're going home or something?" I was like, "Elder, you have no idea how much this means to me!" Anyways when I saw the sign I just started screaming and crying, and laughing! It was awesome! Seriously so cool! None of the guys were there, but we got some pictures and went shopping in the store they have there! Everything was on sale so I got a t-shirt. Oh and we met some members there from Dallas. It was pretty cool!

Like I said earlier I have been humbled ten fold this week. I had a huge learning curve. We had a situation with are Recent Convert and welfare and it was just confusing. But the Bishop and President McDonough helped us and taught us so much. I'm so grateful for them!
The Lord truly works in miraculous ways. Remember last week I said that Sister Zemp and I went to Wal-Mart to talk to people. Well we had a return appointment with someone we met there the next day. We went and no one was there so we started to knock on the doors beside his. We ended up meeting a couple college kids who are amazing! They invited us to there bible study so we went and ended up meeting a ton more college kids! It was the best! After the bible study (I've been to three in the past week!) a girl came up to me and said that her brother is dating a Mormon and she wants to learn about Mormons! Her name is Hannah and I'm pretty sure we were best buds in the pre-existence and we made a deal that I would come to Lousiana to baptize her! She's fixin' to be a teacher and is doing a practicum at a preschool. She's from a ranch so after we taught her we were swapping stories. She told me a crazy story about a bull they have so I told her about how I almost died from a bull because I ran into the fence! The spirit was strong as I testified that God protected me. I just love her!
Another neat thing that happened this week with a investigator named Melissa. Her son has to get an operation in a few weeks on his heart and they were really nervous so the Elders came over and gave her son a blessing, he's almost 11. After the blessing we asked him how he felt and he said, "I feel really, really good." Melissa was crying and the spirit as strong. The dad is a southern devoted Baptist, but he was present for the blessing and I think it softened his heart towards us. I'm so grateful for the priesthood.
I'm the driver now. It feels so good to be driving! I love it! It's a good stress reliever.
Yesterday we visited a returning member, it was are first time visiting her. We were there for 45 minutes and she talked the entire time! Southern people can talk and talk and talk! We all had a good laugh after!
Anyways, that's all for this week! Love my companions, love Ruston, love the ward, love my investigators, love my mission president, love my fellow missionaries, love the prophet, love the scriptures, love my Savior Jesus Christ.
Sister Hartley.
Scripture: 2 Nephi 27-29
 Valentine tree with a picture of Elvis as the star

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