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Monday, January 13, 2014

I worked with Sister Zemp!

Well this week has been pretty good! It was a week of learning and coming closer to our Savior. On Thursday the Sister Training Leaders came to do exchanges with us. Sister Zemp and Sister Smith. I think I've told you this before, but Sister Zemp is from Calgary and her uncle is the Brother Zemp that is the temple recorder. Sister Smith is from Montana and her dad is a cattle broker. My package came a few minutes after they arrived so I was able to show them the pictures and they both loved them because Sister Zemp has been to Waterton and Sister Smith could see ranch work. Sister Smith is legit. She's been in the army and plays rugby and is just super cool! Sister Zemp is legit as well, she's a miracle worker. My prayers were answered because I got to go out with Sister Zemp and Sister Dailey and Sister Bender went with Sister Smith. I was excited to be in a duo companionship and to be working with another Albertan! We did a lot that afternoon. I learned so much from Sister Zemp! She's such a great missionary! We went to Wal-mart and talked to people and it was awesome!
Friday morning the Sister Training Leaders discussed with us what they learned at mission leadership council and what not. Well the mission theme this year is "Perfect Use of the Lord's Time." So many beautiful things have happened in our mission in the past couple months. When Elder Zwick was here he made a promise to our mission that we could triple are baptisms in the coming year if we would sanctify ourselves, use the Lord's time perfectly, work hard, and be faithful. Having Elder Zwick say that is literally fulfilling prophecy about the south. (Remember President Kimballs quote?!?) Anyways as the STLs were saying all this the spirit was so strong! I guess our mission is the lowest baptizing mission in the states. The STLs were telling us what a great honor we as missionaries have to be placed in the MJM mission at this exact time and that Heavenly Father knew we were the ones he needed to bring this forth. It is so humbling to all of us. It made me realize that I was supposed to wait and leave in October instead of May because now I will be here for the entire year of 2014 and see all the miracles that will happen. To make things even better, on Sunday they announced that the stake theme is "Hastening the Work" and to sanctify ourselves. So the two are the exact same! Elder Zwick said the only way we can accomplish the goal of tripling our baptisms is working with the members.
Anyways it is so exciting and humbling! The south is a really hard place to serve. So many people already have a church and are very committed and comfortable.
Well, that's about all I have for this week! I am doing good, starting to get into the routine of it all and my teaching is slowly improving. The Lord truly qualifies those he calls.
I love ya'll!
Sister Hartley
Scripture: D:C 88:68-69
Southernism: We were tracting and Sister Dailey and I didn't have our coats on. We were at this door and I could tell Sister Dailey was cold so I said, "Don't worry Sister Dailey, after this door I'm Fix..." Then I stopped mid-sentence and realized that I was going to say, "I'm fixing to go get my coat." We all had a good laugh.

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