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Friday, January 31, 2014

New companion has arrived.

My new companion, Sister Davis from New Mexico.  She is a twin! Her sister is serving a  mission in Washington. 
Sister Sharay, our recent convert.

Love all the beautiful wreaths people have on there houses.

Hello family!
Sorry it has taken me so long to email. It has been cold down here and many places in our mission have experienced snow and ice storms so transfers got switched to today. I am staying in Ruston with Sister Bender and we are getting a new companion. Sister Davis is her name, she's from New Mexico and has been out nine months. She's waiting for her visa to come for Brazil. We pick her up this afternoon. All I've heard about her is that she is a work horse so I'm excited. Sister Dailey is off to Red Star Mississippi. It is the most backwoods/redneck of the mission so I'm pretty excited for her to go there. It sounds sweet. We will email again when Sister Davis gets here because she most likely hasn't emailed so I will be back sometime tonight if you need to tell me anything.
It snowed last Thursday! It flurried for about an hour but nothing stuck to the ground. It was pretty cold. We happened to be tracting at the time so we were all bundled up pretty good. Sister Dailey and I felt like we were right at home! It was fun! People thought we were crazy to be out!
We've had a slow week. A lot of people we were teaching either dropped us or we dropped them and we haven't found anyone who is interested. It's hard. The south is tricky. I can't tell you how many different churches are here. People are so confused. We tracted into a paster from a big church down here called The Bridge. He was kind and let us in but it turned into him basically preaching to us. He is a good man, but interprets the bible so differently. It's just hard. People are stuck in their ways.
There is a man in our ward who is so good to us missionaries. His brother past away who isn't a member. Janice wanted to take us to his viewing so we could show are respect to Brother Randell. Brother Randell always says that you'll know who your true friends are by who stands by you in tough times. He appreciated having us there, it met a lot to him. It was in a place called Haynesville. It is southern than southern. A real small town. We went to a Baptist church for it, and it is an old church just from the movies. We were a minority that's for sure. The sky was dark and cloudy, and it was cold. I was in the deep south.
Lately at dinner appointments we give a card with are investigators names and needs and ask the members to pray for them. We had a lesson yesterday and one of the needs got answered! We asked the members to pray that there would be no distractions while we taught so the spirit could be there. Well the prayers were answered and we had an amazing lesson with the spirit! I am so grateful for faithful members and their faithful prayers!
Anyways, that's all for now. Two transfers down and on to the third. What a blessing it is to serve here in the MJM. I know I'm needed here, haven't quite figured out why yet, but I'm working on it.
Love ya'll
Sister Hartley
Scripture: Acts 1 (This is how an apostle is called!)
Southernism: down here rednecks are called "Good Ole Boys" haha

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